Our Mission and Values


Our mission is to establish itself as a leader in the sustainable production of sausages, adhering to the highest quality and hygiene standards, under the strict supervision of the American USDA authorities.

We are committed to offering products that not only meet consumer expectations, but also respect and promote sustainable practices throughout the production chain. We constantly seek innovation and excellence, aiming for customer satisfaction, food safety and environmental preservation.

“From talented chefs to customer service experts, we all share a commitment to delivering unforgettable moments.”

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Our Mission and Values

About Us


• Uncompromising Quality: We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards at every stage of the production process, from the selection of ingredients to the final distribution of our products.

• Environmental Sustainability: We recognize the importance of minimizing our environmental impact. We constantly look for ways to reduce waste, optimize resources and adopt sustainable practices throughout our production chain.

• Commitment to Hygiene: Food safety is a priority. We maintain an absolute commitment to best hygiene practices and ensure that our processes meet and exceed the rigorous standards set by regulatory authorities such as the USDA.

• Transparency and Responsibility: We value transparency in all our operations and take responsibility for each product that bears the Corte's name. We maintain an ongoing commitment to truth, integrity and ethics in all of our business interactions.

• Continuous Innovation: We constantly seek to improve our methods and products through innovation. We are open to new ideas and technologies that allow us to continually improve and offer our customers exceptional experiences.